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May 19th 2024

Every May Long Weekend, the CPR 374 is taken outside and steamed up to Celebrate the 374 pulling Canada’s first transcontinental passenger train to the New City of Vancouver.

Come join the festivities and yes, "Kids" of ALL ages and ALL sizes can have a turn blasting the original 1887 CPR 374 Steam Whistle.

10:00 - Pavilion open, Volunteers roll out the 374 and hook connect the steam whistle.

11:00 - Locomotive in place, bell and Steam whistle can be operated.

12:00 - O Canada and the first band set (No whistle or bell when band is playing).

12:30 - Cake cutting in pavilion, free cake for everyone.

13:00 - Introductory Speech, importance of occasion

13:10 - Welcome and remarks on behalf of Community Center Director.

14:00 - Band 2nd set

15:15 - Start to roll train back into the pavilion (after everyone blows the whistle)

Little Mountain Band.jpg

Memories from The Beach

Kids Playing on train_edited.jpg

From 1945 to 1983 the historic 374 was on public display at Kits Beach in Vancouver. For the next 38 years the CPR 374 continued to serve the community by creating moments and memories for children, families, and visitors to Vancouver.

Do you have fond memories with the 374?

Would you like to share your story?

We are working on a documentary about the 374 throughout history and would love to hear your stories.

CPR 374 Is Canadian History

May 23 1887.jpg

May 23, 1887 was a great day for Vancouver when CPR Engine 374 pulled the first transcontinental passenger train into the city. Crowds cheered, the city band played, ships in the harbour blew their horns, and hundreds of flags decorated the young city.

It was a great day not only for Vancouver, but for the whole nation. The event heralded the completion of one of the greatest engineering feats of the century, a twin line of steel linking the new nation of Canada from coast to coast, ten years in construction.

CPR 374

Throughout The Years

CPR 374 Arriing in Vancouver BC
Leaving Kits 1983.png

*1886, Built by C.P.R. as a 4-4-0 steam locomotive

*1887, May 23 pulls first passanger train into Vancouver.

*1914, Ungraded to a coal burning engine.

*1945, Retired and given to the city of Vancouver.

*1945 - 1983 On public display at Kits Beach.

*1983, Restoration at Granville Island begins.

*1985, ESSO launches Heritage Brick program.

*1986, 374 on display at the ESSO Pavilion at EXPO 86.

*1990, Lions Club & Friends raise funds for a new home.

*1992, May 23rd the 374 moves into its new home.

CPR 374.jpg
CPR 374.jpg
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